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This game is so, so unbelievably good! It's absolute perfection from beginning to end. I love games like this, so I ended up playing nonstop for two days. 10/10 would give my life to the factory again.

Thank you for your hard work!  Seeing that you enjoyed playing means a lot to me!


Hello, I really loved this game but I was unable to complete it! I had a bug on the beer level (third to last day?) where the kegs would get stuck at the top of the down pipe from the heating/cooling conveyor. I don't know if anyone else has had this issue or if it's something to do with my computer

Hi!  I'm glad you're enjoying the game!

I haven't heard of this particular issue before... like, it's hovering above the down pipe, and it persists even when you restart?  Do other pieces collide with the bugged piece and form a junk piece?  

If this happens again, could you please send me a screen shot?  It'd help me a lot! 😀


I did reproduce the error, but instead of staying there,some combination of taking a screenshot, pausing the game, and changing speed meant that instead of hanging, the keg slowly went down the return pipe.

When I was experiencing the error, other pieces would collide with it and form a junk piece which would also hang in that spot. However, as I said the error did not reproduce and the level completed and I was able to get to the end of the game! I did include a screenshot of the hanging keg just before it began to resume movement.

That is wild!  This is definitely the first time I've seen this or anything like this happen... even weirder that it resolved itself after some fiddling!  Thanks for getting a screenshot, I'll certainly keep an eye out for this elusive bug...

I'm glad that you made it to the end of the game, and hopefully this bug didn't sour your experience too much.  Thank you for playing and taking the time to report the bug, it means a lot to me!


Thank you so much for developing this incredible process control game! I waited years for a game to be made that reminded me of Factory: The Industrial Devolution, a Macintosh game from the 90's. Congrats on the great app!

Hi!  Thanks for your kind words, and I hope you enjoyed the game.  c:


This. I remember the demo for that, and I’ve always wondered why no one else made anything similar. Thank you for this.


I hope you enjoyed the game!  It's reassuring to hear people have the same thought about this weird little game from our childhood... 😆